Complement your clients' travel and generate extra income.

Long connections? Last minute changes? Now, you can enhance your customers' experience by booking hotel rooms for 3, 6 or 12 hours.

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A microstay is a hotel reservation for 3, 6 or 12 hours, in which the client chooses the check-in time (day or night) and pays only for the length of the stay.

What is a microstay?


BYHOURS is the first international online platform and mobile APP that allows you to book microstays in more than 4,000 hotels in 25 countries around the world.

Hours sold to clients








Europe, Latin America and Middle East markets




Partner hotels with additional benefits





Access a large portfolio of hotels, including some of the world's top chains.

BYHOURS has integrated its hourly booking engine into the SABRE Red App to offer packs of hours in a wide inventory of hotels to Travel Agencies.

BYHOURS - Collaboration with SABRE

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Who uses microstays?

Microstay customers are travelers and professionals who need a room... for less than 24 hours, ... at any time.

Business / Professional


Lifestyle & Leisure

We transform lost moments into unforgettable experiences.






Your clients will land early in the morning in Madrid after a long flight, but will have to wait another 5 hours before boarding a train to Barcelona. Book them a 3-hour stay to rest and recharge their batteries before the next part of the trip.

Your clients have just finished a fantastic cruise trip, but will have to wait until the evening for their return flight. Book them a 6-hour stay during the day. They can enjoy the pool, take a shower, relax and get ready for their flight home.

Microstays are not only for leisure guests. For business travelers you can offer our 12-hour package with late check-in.

Traveling for the day for important meetings? Book a 3-hour stay to freshen up before or after your meeting.

Unexpected change of plans? Find a budget-friendly solution to mitigate delays and cancellations.

Why should you, as a travel agent, offer microstays to your clients?

Dedicated account manager

Travel Agent's Handbook

Ready-to-use tool

Guaranteed commission per booking

100% free

Make your customers happier and improve their travel experience.


Generate new income with a unique and complementary service that no one else offers.


We provide you with all the support and resources you may need to sell microstays individually or integrated in your packages.

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Selling microstays is very easy. Our platform needs no integration and in three simple steps you can generate extra income.

How does it work?

Register in our platform.

Choose the hotel, date and pack of hours that your client needs and book. The reservation is automatically confirmed.

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Each booking generates a commission that you can receive at the end of the month.

Find out what our clients say

The BYHOURS service has the highest ratings from customers who have already enjoyed the microstays.

I am delighted with the service. I have never had any problems.

The experience was phenomenal. Super easy to use and find a place to sleep at a good price.

A good service. Worth using.

Where we are?

BYHOURS is growing every day. We currently have a team of 70 motivated and travel-obsessed entrepreneurs spread across two offices.

BYHOURS Location BYHOURS Location


Plaça de Pau Vila 1, Palau de Mar

Oficina 3A2

08039 Barcelona

(+34) 932 422 663


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Oficina 502

11560, Polanco, CDMX, México

+52 (55) 2589 4105

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If you want to know more, here are some of the questions we are frequently asked by travel agents.

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